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Break Shot (Kì thủ Bi-a - Hoàng Phi Hồng)

Tên truyện: Break Shot (Kì thủ Bi-a - Hoàng Phi Hồng)
Tên khác: ブレイクショット
Tác giả: Maekawa Takeshi
Thể loại: Shounen, Sports
Tình trạng: Completed
Năm phát hành: 1987
Trans - Edit: Mr. Siêu Nhân


A boy named Chinmi is very infatuated with billiards.

Problems arise when a new student body president, Olive, suddenly decided to cut the funding for his billiards club.

Unhappy with that, Chinmi wants to convince Olive that his billiards club is worthy of the funding.

He decided to challenge a two-time former national billiards champion.

Will Chinmi be able to defend his club?

Break Shot chap 1

Break Shot chap 2

Break Shot chap 3

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